Story of dictatorship in a democratic country

On 29th July, 2018 after two students being killed due to reckless driving and blind competition between two busses, high school students of Bangladesh started to prtotest all over the country in demand of safer roads. According to a survey more than 4200 people die every year due to these road accidents in Bangladesh.

The main role behind these accidents is played by a syndicate owned by shipping minister of Bangladesh who is also the executive president of the Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation. They take bribes from transport workers for giving them route permit and due to that inexperienced bus drivers and unfit busses gets to be on the roads. Because of the poor quality of public transport system, people are becoming more interested in owning personal vehicles than using personal transportation. For the reason traffic jam is increasing at a dramatic rate and inspiring the drivers to drive speedily for earning money to feed their family. Besides this, another reason of this reckless driving is the nonexistent action for breaking traffic rules.

Considering all these, the students have protested all over the country by taking position in different busy roads and checking driver’s license and vehicle’s fitness certificate. Sadly, it was found that lots of cars didn’t have lisences and fitness certificate including cars of government ministers, parliament officials and high ranked police officers. The students peacefully continued their protest but they were attacked by the police and government’s political organization named ”Chatro league”.

The government announced to have accepted student’s demands. But the students didn’t believe it as the last time there was a protest for quota reform the government promised to taking initiatives but later on denied in front of the whole country. So the students continued to stay in their place and continued their peaceful protest. Police threw tear gas and rubber bullets at the unarmed students while chatro league attacked them with sticks and rods. A student’s eye was pulled out and more than 150 students have been injured. To prevent this news from spreading, they’ve broken journalist’s cameras and mobiles and sexually assaulted a female journalist of a local news paper and had beaten up a lot of journalists therefore.

Internet speed has been slowed down and 3g and 4g service had been made unavailable for the last 24 hours by the government to suppress this news and to prevent people from coming to live. But through different international press like BBC, Al-Jazeera, new york times, telegram and different other international media have reported this issue.

As for the last information, the person who reported the news to Al-Jazeera, Shahidul Alam, has been abducted a few hours earlier (Here’s the live report on the 8th day of the protest : Al-Jazeera coverage with Shahidul Alam )


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This is a plea for help. The students of Bangladesh who are being mercilessly attacked are mostly high schoolers aged between 12-18. Please help the humanity.


Our Journey

As the end of the day approaches

We take our journey to the place

Where everything is possible 

We lay on the peaceful grassy hill

Away from worries and sorrows

Hand in hand we look at the sky

Waiting for the moment of eternity 

No humans can reach out for it

But our souls can, when the lights 

Come out of darkness and appears 

As white dots on a black canvas

There starts our voyage into unknown 

Lands of power and chaos where ecstasy

Lift our spirit high into the vast Kingdom

Where doubts dare not visit seldom

We look at the clumsy play

Of the twinkles in shades of grey

And we get lost in the wonderland 

As if garden of eden has come to land

We dare to take a leap of faith

To forget the world we live beneath

You grasp my hands so tight

As if we are the ones to ignite light 

To turn on the melodies of love

In a world people lives to love.

This was a collaboration with my incredible friend Novus Lectio. Please feel free to leave any kind of feedbacks. 

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Living life 

Do you think of me too?  What do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night remembering a half left conversation?
I wanted you in everything but now, you just exist in my memories. You’re just a fragment of my imagination but I drag you in every conversation that I make. Even though, we have fallen together and fallen apart, apart, apart a million times, I still think of you like someone that was truly mine.
You were a little too imperfect, a little too messy but when you hugged me you meant it, and you were clumsy and tragically flawed but too good at heart, and I guess that’s why I loved you. 

You said ‘I swear’ like it was your favourite word. Sometimes, I felt like you promised me that that you would never let me go but you left me one day and never returned, and that has made all the difference. 

I sometimes question myself that if this would be any different, would I be wiser or would I choose you all over and break my heart a million times again and still be happy in its entirety that it’s atleast by someone that I couldn’t ever regret? Well, to choose you and live with you, even though it hurts like a billion pricks shoved right at my heart,I would still do it all over again. For you, a thousand times over.
I sometimes think if all of this is wrong–missing someone who isn’t around anymore. But then I have realized that there’s no other way. I love what I love. And even if there was a better choice, even if there were a trillion stars lighting up the whole sky, I would always know which part of cosmos I am happy with. I would always choose love and pain over a thousand better things even though people kept telling me how I deserved better but no matter how we all talk about happy endings, we will always have a thing for unfinished conversations and the only things that made us feel; the only things that we were told to let go.
And that is how we live life—whether we want to or not.

Symphony of fairytale

​I look at you and it is as if I have loved only you a thousand times in a hundred different forms, again and again.Through this cycle of birth, down the ages without fail my soul has searched for you. My captivated soul has forever spun words into garlands of song in all the forms you worn them.

My aching heart longs to know will you happily accept my gift of love through this cycle of birth, down the ages without fail or will you leave me here dying craving for you?

The more I hear that long lost story of love and the pangs of that ancient love and the tale of the love which has been lost and found, a distant memory comes a vision across the dark night of time and at last I see your face in eternally bright like a constant guiding star in midst of life.

We have swam together or was I alone in this stream of love?From its source in the heart of times long gone by, a voice speaks inside that we have played hide and seek with delight.

With a million other lovers bathed in tears of happiness and pain, bashed in the grasp of togetherness –a timeless bond in ever changing form, they under lie in the flame of love.

Today they find their place in glorious abandon at your feet.Universal joy and sorrow, the devotion within the universal soul have all come to bear fruit in this one love of ours imbued with the memory of all who have loved before. Our love is the symphony of fairytale that has forever been sung. 

Giving thyself a little space

Some days I almost turn off my alarm and try to sleep but then I force myself a little and make it to the workplace, and then everything feels normal. Some days I almost leave the shower open and sit under it and weep, but then I rub my eyes and dry myself and walk out. Some days I am almost 3 seconds away from breaking down and collapsing, but then I hold on and close my eyes and sleep. Some days I almost drive my car to a road that I have never been to but then I turn and come back home. Some days I almost kiss a stranger and let go of all the perplexities inside my head but then I stop and sit in a corner of the pub, listening to some Secondhand Serenade songs. Some days I almost book a ticket to some far away town for an escape, but then I grab my pullover and sit down staring at the starry vault of heaven. Some days I almost ramble around a sunflower garden and feel like being there forever, but then I check my mails and calls and get back to work. Some days I almost convince myself to never return, but then I remind myself to stay a little sane. Some days I want to sleep on my mother’s lap and tell her about how everything was supposed to be, but I don’t want her to worry about me. Some days I almost pack all my dreams and desires and throw them out of the window, but then I light a cigarette and numb by thoughts. Some days I almost lose all my hope in love and people, but then I take a pen and write about how much the world needs both of the things. Some days I almost scream out my lungs, but then I drink some water and gulp down the choking lump in my throat. Some days I almost stand on the verge of falling down from my terrace, but then I walk away and sit down drinking a bottle of water. Some days I almost want to shout it aloud to him that love is not all that it takes to heal, but then I see him trying so hard to keep me happy. Some days I almost pray for death, but then I remember everyone who is attached to me.

Some days I try it hard to be okay but it’s not okay and I guess I need to accept that I am not fine and give myself some time to sleep a little more, mourn, travel and cry.

Colors of you 

​”I see you have been painting these days. Did you forget me?”you asked

I look at your face, filled with curiosity and excitement which would turn into a burst of happiness,pride and fake sympathy when I would say no.

“You know what, I often trod on the paths we took and think how we used to sit in one corner and laugh and talk. Some days when I am on a date with some guy, I find myself sitting on the chairs where we once sat and blushed looking at each other. I will always remember the first time when I realised I love you. I was standing some 5 feet away from you and you stood there looking at me. And for a moment, I felt like I am so alone. I felt like I am incomplete. So I raced and hugged you tightly. And at that particular moment, my universe felt complete. At that particular moment I felt like there was no hole in my heart, not anymore. I knew I loved you. But do you know how it is now? I remember the places I go and think about you sometimes. But I never find myself mumbling your name. I never find myself imagining you when I am with someone else. Listening to our song- “Can’t help falling in love” doesn’t hurt me anymore. I don’t wake up remembering about you and neither I fall asleep dreaming about you. I don’t read our chats anymore and I don’t feel like the need to. And when I saw you standing there, I didn’t feel incomplete anymore, although there’s a hole in my heart. But now when you are sitting beside me, I don’t feel like that hole is filled.I feel like that hole is growing more when I see you. You don’t fulfill me anymore. You empty me.

So when I trod on the paths and think about you, I often find myself forcing our memories on my mind. I find myself opening the closet and searching for pieces from my past. I come back home and sit under the stars and think, when these nights are long and I remember how the hour of darkness passed like seconds talking to you. I wonder if you are my habit or my intention. I wonder if I really miss you or is it something I am trying to? ”

You look at me and smile. And at that moment, slowly the hole stopped growing anymore and I knew I don’t miss you, not anymore I thought while looking at you.

”So you have replaced me” you read my eyes in the blink of an eye just like before. 

I stared at you while picking my paint brush and mumbled ”I take on my paintbrushes to colour in gaps in the very fabric of my existence you know, reserving the brightest yellows and pinks for the grey blots on my soul. When I’m painting I spare no thought rather save it for the paper before me, I forget what it’s like to be who I am and everything that I can not do. It’s more like I’m one with god or whatever powers that govern the universe and I make you mine in there so that there remains no void in me”.