Always yours from a far 

And I like you more than certain songs on a lonely night, more than a mug of coffee on a snowy evening, more than distinct smell of old books on a lazy afternoon or even more than the sound of rain against the window of my room. I like you more than the melted chocolate on my fingertips and more than the Christmas lights and the pure holiday bliss. I guess what I’m trying to say is I like you more than anything I’ve ever liked but sadly this too will be unknown to you like a thousand other things. 

Always yours from a far,


This will be just another secret buried between the thick pages written in black ink. A secret you will never know no matter what the intensity of your curiosity is. No matter if it is in the same hole that has been growing in me forever or burning me to ashes every time I try to look around. The reason for it is simply that you’re completely something else than anything I have ever known. You are made from the ashes of a Phoenix and shy smiles of soft touches. You carry the calm in one hand and chaos in the other. You brings all of my dreams and reality together and I, I can do nothing but watch from a far. Steal glances in return for stealing my breath away and somehow I know that you will be my catastrophic end. I know our colliding worlds will leave nothing behind but I still want to close my eyes and take a leap of faith right before the storm just for one last dance with you in the rain. 


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