Within your infinitude

Dear you,

I know it has only been a few months we’ve known each other but will you believe me if I told you that in this short period of time, you have become the only fact that is true in my life? Irrational yet constant like the ultimate singularity that is infinitely distant.

You are the stories of my backspace buttons like the hiding shadow of the sun in this cold days. You are the imperfection that makes everything feel perfect, the beats of a wornout favorite or the last time lapse between each of my breathes. 

You are here but you aren’t here. You’re the miracle that I want, the one I need to get me through each passing moment. But you’re like the shooting star I wish upon which has already reached the ground. 

You and I have a world together. The one away from everything yet in the midst of everyone. You’re the paradox where forever that lasts few seconds yet that is the only moment of the day that feels true. Every morning I feel the infatuation will evaporate but there is something new about you everyday. You’re the book I never get tired of reading. You are the vastness that wraps every piece of existence.
Sometimes when you look at me, your entity makes me want to fade away but I never wanted to fade. Do you hear me? I don’t want to fade. I want a piece of home within your infinitude and stay there forever.




5 thoughts on “Within your infinitude

  1. That’s sad but hopeful . It’s nice to have something to live for. And I’m happy that you have someone that makes you keep going. I hope that he knows that. He’ll be very happy.
    Have faith in yourself, you’re so much in yourself that anyone can be proud of you.

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