​Sometimes I wonder how do I make so many friends whereas people think of me as a loner.

Then I realize I’ve found friendship on a rainy evening when it poured and I stood alone under a tree, getting drenched anyway just to find out there was someone who was as stupid as I was.

I’ve found friendship in unplanned rendezvous where one beer wasn’t enough to get us tipsy, but the company and the conversation got us higher than weed ever could.

I’ve found friendship in the quiet aisles at work. I’ve found friendship in crowded cafeterias, where people forget their entity in mindless chattering.

I’ve found friendship in the words of a writer while getting lost in his imagination.I’ve found friendship in the smile of a streetchild when I gave him a piece from my bun. 

I’ve found friendship in the tears of a gay who could never claim his love in front of the world.I’ve found friendship in the loneliest cottage of grief while playing hide and seek with tears.

I make friends. Loads of them. I talk, I smile, I hang out. And when I look back at my life someday, I know I’m going to be smiling like an idiot because I’ve met them. The dork, the writer, the stranger, the funny, the gay one, the moron, the work buddy, the stoned goes on.

It’s them, all of them, who will give me a toothless smile fifty years down the line. And I wouldn’t exchange them for the rest of the world.


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