Story of dictatorship in a democratic country

On 29th July, 2018 after two students being killed due to reckless driving and blind competition between two busses, high school students of Bangladesh started to prtotest all over the country in demand of safer roads. According to a survey more than 4200 people die every year due to these road accidents in Bangladesh.

The main role behind these accidents is played by a syndicate owned by shipping minister of Bangladesh who is also the executive president of the Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation. They take bribes from transport workers for giving them route permit and due to that inexperienced bus drivers and unfit busses gets to be on the roads. Because of the poor quality of public transport system, people are becoming more interested in owning personal vehicles than using personal transportation. For the reason traffic jam is increasing at a dramatic rate and inspiring the drivers to drive speedily for earning money to feed their family. Besides this, another reason of this reckless driving is the nonexistent action for breaking traffic rules.

Considering all these, the students have protested all over the country by taking position in different busy roads and checking driver’s license and vehicle’s fitness certificate. Sadly, it was found that lots of cars didn’t have lisences and fitness certificate including cars of government ministers, parliament officials and high ranked police officers. The students peacefully continued their protest but they were attacked by the police and government’s political organization named ”Chatro league”.

The government announced to have accepted student’s demands. But the students didn’t believe it as the last time there was a protest for quota reform the government promised to taking initiatives but later on denied in front of the whole country. So the students continued to stay in their place and continued their peaceful protest. Police threw tear gas and rubber bullets at the unarmed students while chatro league attacked them with sticks and rods. A student’s eye was pulled out and more than 150 students have been injured. To prevent this news from spreading, they’ve broken journalist’s cameras and mobiles and sexually assaulted a female journalist of a local news paper and had beaten up a lot of journalists therefore.

Internet speed has been slowed down and 3g and 4g service had been made unavailable for the last 24 hours by the government to suppress this news and to prevent people from coming to live. But through different international press like BBC, Al-Jazeera, new york times, telegram and different other international media have reported this issue.

As for the last information, the person who reported the news to Al-Jazeera, Shahidul Alam, has been abducted a few hours earlier (Here’s the live report on the 8th day of the protest : Al-Jazeera coverage with Shahidul Alam )


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This is a plea for help. The students of Bangladesh who are being mercilessly attacked are mostly high schoolers aged between 12-18. Please help the humanity.


5 thoughts on “Story of dictatorship in a democratic country

    1. It’s not about how many people die per year due to road accidents and if you talk about that specifically india’s population is 1.5 billion whereas Bangladesh’s population is 163 million.
      Now the reason why it is a burning issue for us : The rate of how many people die per year increased by 25% within one year. Don’t you think that’s alarming for a nation? And besides that the ministry level people are the ones who are guilty on this issue. Now without taking necessary initiatives on this, the government is attacking on unarmed students. Our demand for road safety has become a concern of our future generation’s safety.
      I hope it clears up your confusion.


      1. India’s population is 1.5 billion, but have huge area in comparison to Bangladesh and hence less population density.
        In terms of GDP both have huge gap. Yet India is not able to mitigate the road accident. I know Bangladesh is also having same issues as India, such as corruption and all.


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