Our Journey

As the end of the day approaches

We take our journey to the place

Where everything is possible 

We lay on the peaceful grassy hill

Away from worries and sorrows

Hand in hand we look at the sky

Waiting for the moment of eternity 

No humans can reach out for it

But our souls can, when the lights 

Come out of darkness and appears 

As white dots on a black canvas

There starts our voyage into unknown 

Lands of power and chaos where ecstasy

Lift our spirit high into the vast Kingdom

Where doubts dare not visit seldom

We look at the clumsy play

Of the twinkles in shades of grey

And we get lost in the wonderland 

As if garden of eden has come to land

We dare to take a leap of faith

To forget the world we live beneath

You grasp my hands so tight

As if we are the ones to ignite light 

To turn on the melodies of love

In a world people lives to love.

This was a collaboration with my incredible friend Novus Lectio. Please feel free to leave any kind of feedbacks. 

Happy blogging!


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