Day 1: Three day quote Challenge

I have been nominated by Awakeningwildflower for the three day quote challenge. Thank you so much for the nomination. I am really excited to share some of my favorite quotes with you. 

Through my entire life the thing that always confused me was what is love? In early days I used to think maybe friendship was love but when I grew up I felt like I swing between hopes and despair of being with something at his slightest gesture. I thought that was love. Yes partially it was but it wasn’t really everything about love. While reading a walk to remember I came across this quote from Bible which actually taught me what love was and it’s been my favorite ever since. 

Now my nominations are: 




7 thoughts on “Day 1: Three day quote Challenge

      1. You really should! One of my bridesmaids made me a plaque with the bible verse & put & my husbands picture next to it. After almost 7 years, it is still one of my favorite gifts! Its also a great reminder when we have arguments, which thankfully doesn’t happen often!

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